June 18-26, 2024

June 18-26, 2024

Walk in the Footsteps of Christ

Join us in Israel where you will meet up with Group Leader and Minister Jon Hackett, wife Rachel Hackett, and Tour Guide Sandro Jadon with Holy Land Evangelical Tours on a biblical excursion as we walk in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

On this tour of the Holy Lands, the scriptures will come alive as you see and experience the sites. We will visit Galilee, Nazareth, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, the Old City of Jerusalem, and so much more!. You will never study your Bible the same again!!

About Our Team

Tour Hosts:

Jon & Rachel Hackett

Jon Hackett is the Pulpit Minister for the Lomax Church of Christ in Hohenwald, TN. Jon minored in History and received his B.A. in Communications from the University of South Alabama and his Masters in Organizational Development with a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University. Rachel is a Kindergarten and Special Needs Teacher for the Lewis County School System in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Rachel completed her B.A. in Human Environmental Science from the University of Alabama and her Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Mobile. Jon has been a mission team leader for 20+ year. Together they both have led groups to Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Tour Guide:

Sandro Jadon

Sandro is the Sales and Product Manager as well as a licensed tour guide for Holy Land Evangelical Tours (HET). Sandro studied at Israel School of Tourism. He also completed his undergraduate studies at Freed-Hardeman University where he is currently working on his Masters . He and his family are from Israel. Along with working for HET, he also works along side his father at the Nazareth Church of Christ in Nazareth, Israel. Sandro has years of knowledge and experience leading and organizing tours for various church and university groups from the states.

Tour Company:

Holy Land Evangelical Tours

Holy Land Evangelical Tours is an Israeli tour company that desires to pursue relationships with believers in Messiah from around the world, allowing them to grasp the ancient land and connect with the local culture of this diverse land.

Our Itinerary

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Senior International Travel Expert:

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